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The Ultimate Guide To Inventory Reporting

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Why Are Inventory Reports Valuable To a Business?

Retail businesses, of course, use inventory to generate revenue and profits. There‘s nothing to sell without it. That’s why maintaining the right amount of inventory is vital to a business’s success. An accurate inventory report offers many benefits, including better inventory planning, seamless inventory tracking, and organized inventory categorization, which helps ensure revenue growth while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

The quality of inventory reports primarily comes down to the insight they give retailers into their business. The most successful retail companies are data-driven, and inventory reporting metrics provide a comprehensive and highly accurate view of the business. Here are some other benefits of inventory reports:

Reduction of stock-outs

Stolen goods, misplaced products, and, most importantly, inaccurate inventory data resulting from delivery discrepancies are all common reasons that can lead to a stockout.  This can be one of the most frustrating experiences for shoppers, whether in a physical store or online. Not only do stock-outs lead to disappointment, but they can also prompt the customer to turn to a competitor.

A good inventory report should give you information on inventory forecasting. Such forecasting uses data to reduce stock-out situations. The report shows you what products are in stock and what items will run out, allowing you to make preventative decisions in advance. 

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Faster replenishment

You will have an easier time speeding up replenishment if you register your suppliers’ details and associate them with relevant products. This is the advantage of using an automated inventory management software. Thanks to the inventory report, you know when a product is sold out, which lets you know when to connect to suppliers and how much it will cost. Purchases are automatically emailed to suppliers, saving you time. 

Another positive aspect of purchasing through a system is that everyone on your team can see what has been ordered and when it will be delivered.  This increased efficiency allows your team to spend more time building your business. You no longer have to dig through spreadsheets to get inferior forecasts. KORONA POS, one of the best inventory management software designed specifically for retail businesses, gives you more accurate predictions to help you replenish your stock. 

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