These Are The 5 Ugliest New Cars On Sale Today According To You


It seems that getting automotive design wrong is quite a bit easier than getting it right. That might be why we had 115 comments about the ugliest cars on sale today when we asked you which were the very worst.

Here’s a breakdown of the top five choices from all of you.

5. Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Dolsh actually avoided what they called the obvious route (one we’ll get to shortly) to pick the Grand Wagoneer. Their comment sums up the big issues with this vehicle’s design. ” All of the proportions are just … off. The angles in the rear windows, the different coloured roof. It doesn’t look good.”

4. American Pickup Trucks

McFly called out ‘American pickup trucks’ as an entire segment but utilized a RAM 3500 as their example. Unsurprisingly, this choice was a controversial one with 10 upvotes and 8 downvotes. We’ve placed it third because only three other vehicles had more upvotes.

3. BMW iX / BMW XM

We mentioned the iX in our initial QOTD and we’re not shocked to see that many of you agreed. 2WheelsAndOpenRoad might have put it most succinctly when they said “What the Christ is going on here?” 19 of you upvoted that comment but we were surprised to see that a few folks actually defended the iX’s honor.

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“The IX is a pretty car, have you seen one outside? It’s a clean design,” said PaleoChocolate. “Every time I see an iX on the road, I’m into it. It looks good,” said DumbLikeYou2. Perhaps it’s going to grow on all of us in time.

The BMW XM on the other hand did not get defended and we’re including them together because it received 19 upvotes and is somewhat in the same family.

2. Lexus LX

Ben posted a picture of the LX with its gaping maw and said “Let’s all be honest here….this is a competition solely between BMW and Lexus.” He’s not wrong because they’re in the top two spots. In fact, his post got 34 upvotes.

Lexus is also the brand that Dolsh felt was the obvious choice before they picked out the Jeep. Personally, I hate the look of the Lexus less than I hate the look of the iX but that’s just me. Maybe we’ll all agree on this last one though.

1. BMW 7-Series

To put it simply, there’s a lot going on here. Two separate posts about the 7-Series, one from The_Troll_Killer and one from Jason Panamera received 19 upvotes each. Of all of these, I actually think that the 7-Series will look the best a decade from now but today, in 2022, it’s just hideous.


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