These Are The Five Prettiest New Coupes For Under $100,000 According To You


Money can’t buy beauty goes the saying but for six figures we should be able to get pretty close. We recently asked you what you thought the most beautiful new coupe was on the block. The catch was that you could only spend $100,000. Out of more than 100 comments, we picked the best.

A few of you mentioned cars that aren’t new so they don’t qualify but we’ll mention them upfront to get them out of the way. The Aston Martin Virage is gorgeous (as are most Astons) and can easily be had under budget. The Alfa Romeo 4C also is long out of production but deserves some love. Finally, the Lotus Evora is a sleek sexy stunner. Speaking of Lotus…

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Lotus Emira

At least five of you picked the Emira and it’s easy to see why. One of the newest Lotus creations has ditched some of the harder angular lines of the past and leaned into organic transitions from surface to surface. Egg Enthusiast, SteersUright, and BoxerFanatic all picked it and Hasib even said he would fight someone for disagreeing with them.

Alpine A110

Speaking of organic shapes, the A110 got the nod from a few of you. DMSR might have put it best when they said “It calls back to its predecessor with shaping and design cues while not adding anything tacky or unnecessary to its appearance.” That simple elegance and modernization of a classic good look is something we’d love to see in our garage any day.

Lexus LC500

So many of you voted for the LC 500. It might not be the fastest or the best handling car at this price. But it’s very clear that it’s well-regarded as one of the prettiest cars on sale today. The only clear knock on it came from Jerry90 who said that “That horrid fake exhaust finisher automatically disqualifies the LC500.”

Toyota GR 86

We kind of love that the answers were full of entries that weren’t anywhere near the six-figure budget we allowed for. One that was mentioned early and often was the Toyota GR 86. Paul Grant put it this way “The BRZ/GR86 are both pretty cars with a graceful profile.” We list the GR 86 here because more people picked it and a few knocked the BRZ.

Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 or Miata was mentioned more than a dozen times. The RF seems to have a high level of interest especially. “The answer is always Miata. MX-5 RF to be precise. That car is beautiful. Just wish it was slightly bigger,” says Dolsh. We agree entirely.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!


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