These Are The Internet’s Most Searched Performance Cars


The Audi R8 is the most searched supercar, a new study from a British insurance comparison site has revealed.

Eager to discover what were the most popular performance cars on the planet, analyzed Google search data over the last 12 months. What it discovered was that the Audi R8 has been searched 22.53 million times, impressive when you consider that it has been around since 2006 and won’t be in production for all that much longer.

Following closely behind the Audi R8 was the Lamborghini Urus with 20.06 million searches and while its an SUV, rather than a supercar, its popularity proves just how smart it was for Lamborghini to venture into the world of SUVs.

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Taking out third spot in the list was the BMW i8 with 18.43 million Google searches, placing it ahead of the Toyota Supra with 17.26 million, Ford Mustang with 16.65 million, the Nissan GT-R with 15.54 million searches, Porsche 911 at 15.48 million, Lamborghini Aventador at 11.555 million, Bugatti Chiron at 10.98 million, and the Lamborghini Huracan with 8.4 million searches on Google.

Unsurprisingly, Lamborghini proved to be the most popular producer of performance cars with more than 58,155,700 searches for the brand. This placed it well ahead of BMW with 26,753,000 searches and Ferrari with 25,352,990 annual Google searches. Other popular brands included Porsche (25,116,590 searches), Audi (22,897,600 searches), Nissan (22,855,000 searches), Ford (22,368,000 searches), McLaren (21,766,800 searches), Bugatti (17,427,000 searches), and Toyota with 17,260,000 searches.


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