These Are The Lancia Classics That Will Inspire The Upcoming Ypsilon, Aurelia, And Delta


As we approach the Lancia Design Day that is scheduled for November 28, the Italian carmaker has revealed which classic and iconic models will serve as an inspiration for the upcoming Ypsilon, Aurelia, and Delta.

Lancia designers chose several models from the automaker’s illustrious past including the Aurelia, Flaminia, Fulvia, Beta HPE, Gamma, Delta, Stratos, and 037. We don’t blame them as it is really hard to choose among so many gorgeous vehicles. Their goal is for their designs to communicate “eclecticism, elegance, and grit”.

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All three of the new electrified models will feature distinct Lancia design features described as “the calice, the sinuous lines, and the geometric-primitive forms”. Those terms probably don’t ring any bells to people outside design studios, so the company broke it down. More specifically, the “calice” is inspired by the front end of the Aurelia and Delta, the “sinuous lines” are fittingly depicted on the profile of the Aurelia B20, while the “geometric forms” are best interpreted by the 037, Delta, and Stratos racecars.

We already know that the Ypsilon supermini will arrive first in 2024, followed by the Aurelia crossover flagship in 2026, and the reborn Delta hatchback in 2028. Talking specifically about the Delta, Luca Napolitano, Lancia CEO, said it will boast geometric lines, describing it as “sculpted and muscular”.

The Lancia Fulvia comfortably sits among the sexiest two-door coupe models coming from a mainstream Italian automaker

Lancia also highlighted the “Venetian blinds-inspired structure” of the 1975 Beta HPE, as well as the “traveling living room” character of the 1976 Gamma Coupe, features that will also find their way into the new models, possibly inside the premium cabins. The automaker has already confirmed the extensive use of recycled materials, the “SALA” (Sound Air Light Augmented) virtual interface , and an ambiance inspired by Italian furniture.

It hasn’t been specified if the Lancia Design Day will be accompanied by new concepts, sketches, or renderings. However, we expect to learn more about its “Renaissance” and get more hints about future production models in this special event.


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