Thief Steals 12 Foot Tall Skeleton, Struggles To Get It Into Their GMC Yukon Denali


Halloween is right around the corner and one of this year’s hottest decorations is a 12 foot (3.6 meter) tall skeleton sold by Home Depot.

The skeleton costs $299 (£265 / €302), but quickly sold out due to huge demand. However, that didn’t deter one person who decided to steal a giant skeleton from an Austin, Texas neighborhood.

As you can see in this video, a person driving a GMC Yukon Denali pulls up alongside the skeleton and then exits the vehicle. They take a look at the skeleton, before opening their liftgate in preparation to steal it.

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Of course, stealing a massive skeleton is easier said than done and the person initially struggles to tip it over. After removing a stone or paver, that was used to prevent the skeleton from falling over, they get the skeleton on its side and attempt to shove it into the open cargo compartment.

That doesn’t work, so they then attempt to put it in head first. The person struggles once again as Yukons from the late 2000’s were only 202 inches (5,131 mm) long and that’s not much larger than the skeleton itself.

While the video ends shortly thereafter, Fox 7 Austin reports the skeleton was successfully stolen around 4:45 p.m. on October 15th. Despite occurring in broad daylight, no one witnessed the brazen theft and the person got away. However, the theft has attracted a lot of attention and there’s a $50 (£44 / €51) reward for information leading to the identity of the perpetrator.

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