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This 156k Mile 1997 Toyota Supra Turbo Might Be A Steal At $74,778


There’s no doubt that the MkIV Toyota Supra Turbo is an automotive icon. It’s so well-loved that a low-mileage example can sell well into the six-figure range. And it’s also why we think that this high-mileage example might have been a bit of a steal despite selling for almost $75,000.

This Supra comes with its original window sticker showing an MSRP of just $40,997. That makes its new selling price of $74,778 over on Bring A Trailer some 82 percent above its original asking price. That’s astonishing in many ways, especially considering this car’s objective condition.

Aside from the 156,000 miles on the chassis and drivetrain, the body itself isn’t perfect. Small dings, paint imperfections, and other pieces in need of service are present. Ultimately though, this example’s stock condition might make it one worth paying for.

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Unlike so many MkIV Supra Turbos, this car hasn’t been molested with bigger turbochargers, blow-off valves, cat-back exhausts, or other mods. It’s a stock, unmodified example with the very desirable six-speed manual transmission. That gearbox feeds 330 hp (246 kW) from the legendary 2JZ GTE inline-six to the rear wheels only.

That engine is legendary not just because of its ability to make power but also because it can do so without exploding in grand fashion. In fact, it makes those 156k miles less concerning for someone willing to drive this car. And that might be the big appeal for an example like this.

The new owner could potentially drive it regularly without diminishing the value of the car. Who’s to say that in 10 years or more that it won’t be worth even more considering its stock state? A simple engine rebuild could extend its life for another 150k miles or more.

It’s incredible to think that someone could’ve bought this car brand new back in 1997, driven it some 6,100 miles every year since, and then sold it for almost double what they paid for it when it was brand new. Maybe the new Toyota GR Corolla will end up sharing a similar fate.


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