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This 1990 Honda CRX Si With Only 12k Miles Sold For $40,000

With each passing day, we come across more and more examples of vehicles that were once regular traffic selling for big bucks simply because of how uncharacteristically well-kept they were. The latest of this trend comes in the form of a low-mileage Honda CRX Si, which sold for a whopping $40,000 on Bring A Trailer.

The 1990 CRX, which read just 12,302 miles (19,798 km) on its odometer, originally sold for $11,390 back in 1990 according to the window sticker. Adjusted for inflation, that’s the equivalent of $25,472 today, which means the car sold for over 1.5 times what it was originally purchased for.

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The Honda is painted in Rio Red, and some of its features include tinted windows, a rear wiper, a power sunroof, and mudflaps at all four corners. Inside there are two-tone cloth seats, air conditioning, a digital clock, CRX-branded floor mats, a cargo cover, and the factory AM/FM radio with a cassette player. Nothing’s really changed from stock, but that’s essentially the point of this car: to just be a normal car that’s been preserved against the odds.

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Powering the CRX Si is a 1.6L inline-four that sends just 108 hp (109 PS / 80 kW) and 100 lb-ft (136 Nm) of torque to the front wheels via a 5-speed manual transaxle. That being said, the car also only weighs 2,174 lb (986 kg), so while it might not be the fastest, its new owner is in for quite the tossable little vehicle assuming they actually decide to drive it.

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