This 2023 Nissan Z From HKS Is Dripping With Sex Appeal


Famed Japanese tuning HKS has showcased one of the first 2023 Nissan Zs that it has worked its magic on.

While HKS has not stated what modifications have been made to this particular Z, a couple of them are particularly obvious. The first is the fitment of a set of five-spoke aftermarket wheels with a satin gloss bronze finish that beautifully complements the black paint of the sports car. A set of Yokohama tires have been wrapped around these rims.

Elsewhere, we can see that the Z has been outfitted with a new exhaust system complete with titanium tips and no doubt making the car’s 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 sound more impressive than it ordinarily does.

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The hashtags found in HKS’s Facebook post also suggest that the Z has been fitted with a set of coilovers, significantly lowering the ride height and making the Toyota Supra rival look a little more purposeful than it does when fresh off the showroom floor.

This is not the first 2023 Nissan Z that we have seen outfitted with various performance upgrades. In September, Borla showcased a Z with its new sports exhaust system while just a few days ago, Chicago-based tuner AMS Performance revealed that it had managed to extract 500 whp from the Z. These gains were made thanks to a new exhaust and downpipes, heat exchanger, intercooler, and an ECU remap to take advantage of 100-octane fuel.

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