This Armored Jaguar I-Pace From South Africa Is The First Of Its Kind


Revolution in the automotive world means electrification, so sooner or later we knew we would come across armored EVs. In that context, a South African company called Armormax revealed the first armored Jaguar I-Pace, offering B4-level protection allegedly without drawbacks in performance.

Armormax didn’t take this project lightly, requesting technical support from the local arm of Jaguar Land Rover. Thus, the modifications were done in a careful and respectful manner to the design of the Jaguar I-Pace, with the OEM-approved conversion retaining the factory warranty.

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The Jaguar I-Pace received ballistic glass all around with a thickness of 22 mm (0.9 inches). It also rides on a new set of run-flat tires, allowing it to escape danger. The B4-level classification means that the EV can withstand shots from handguns and shotguns, but not from larger riffles.

Adding armor to a vehicle usually leads to weight gains which would have a toll on both the performance and the driving range of an electric vehicle. Thankfully, the company made use of the “lightest armor that is available globally”, and claims that the performance of the I-Pace is unaffected. Still, the armored EV will be inevitably heavier than the standard model that tips the scales at 4,868 pounds (2,208 kg) – the question is by how much. In any case, owners of the Jaguar SUV that require more protection from their vehicle will be delighted to know about the availability of such a kit.

The Armormax Jaguar might be the first armored I-Pace in the world, but it is not the first armored EV. Similar options are already available for electric cars including the Tesla Model S, while BMW has also pledged to offer an armored version of the i7 right from the factory. Another much-anticipated EV with armoring credentials is the Tesla Cybertruck, expected to enter production next year.

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