This Concept 3.6-Liter 340 Hp Four-Cylinder Could Make It To Production


The huge 4-banger could make an estimated 500 lb-ft with an LS head and a turbocharger

by Stephen Rivers

December 16, 2022 at 18:33

 This Concept 3.6-Liter 340 Hp Four-Cylinder Could Make It To Production

by Stephen Rivers

Blueprint Engines is a crate engine manufacturer with the biggest little four-cylinder you’ve ever heard of. Well, not technically the biggest little engine but at 3.6 liters, this four-banger would be could be huge for the aftermarket community in terms of engine swaps. In a very short time since its unveiling, it’s already made a big splash.

As their name eludes, Blueprint Engines develops and builds high-performance and extremely high-quality combustion engines. The company introduced its new four-cylinder engine at this year’s Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis, IN this year. While the show might have ended on the 10th, buzz over this engine is still going strong.

It’s not hard to see why either. First spotted by the good folks over at TheDrive, this turbocharged four-cylinder engine is evidently capable of developing 340 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. That’s more horsepower than the 2023 Mustang EcoBoost and more torque than you’ll find in the Mustang Dark Horse. It achieves that power in part due to the head from a Chevy LS engine.

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Application in modern cars, trucks, or SUVs is one thing. The biggest production four-cylinder in a mainstream vehicle is the 2.7-liter unit in the Chevrolet Silverado for example. But this 3.6-liter engine makes way more power than that one and might be an even bigger deal for the aftermarket crowd.

This Blueprint Engines creation could find the perfect home in classic sports cars, sport trucks, and even unconventional applications like boats or planes. Again, it’s worth noting that these are figures related to a concept engine. So we don’t know what supporting mods it needs to develop that power and we don’t know if it’ll ever end up on sale, to begin with.

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The demo unit brought to PRI was a non-functional example and no working model has yet been made. Nevertheless, Blueprint Engines has been blown away by the positive reaction to this engine and told TheDrive that it’s had more than 30 phone calls since the reveal.

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