This Dually U.S. Army Dodge Viper Is The Most Outlandish Thing You’ll See All Day


The Dodge Viper is practically the automotive representation of America itself, so how could you possibly make it even more American? You do what the owner of this one posted to Facebook did and give it a U.S. Army makeover.

That makeover starts with the matte black paint to give the appearance of unfinished metal, then adds a host of boxy vents and basic circular aftermarket mirrors to really give it that industrial, function-before-form look. On top of that are various decals spread throughout the vehicle, our personal favorite reading “U.S. Army Viper, For Official Use Only”.

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The car is also complete with a widebody kit, which is there to accommodate the dually rear axle. Yes, you read that right, someone put two sets of wheels on the back of this Dodge. And to add to the ridiculousness, the owner also extended the car’s quintessential side pipes up the rear fenders to create a set of smokestacks.

With all the other craziness going on with this build, it’s easy to overlook the positively massive wheels, which we’d imagine are in the order of 22 or 23 inches in diameter. And it that wasn’t enough, emblazoned on the wheels’ lip is bright white text in a military font. Other touches include a rear diffuser, a faux spotlight on the driver’s side rear fender, and orange clearance lights like you’d see on certain trucks that exceed 80 inches in width. The boldness also continues on the interior with a skull shift knob and a chunky black-and-white aftermarket racing wheel to match.

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