This E39 BMW M5 Could Be The World’s Most Highest Mileage Example


When it comes to performance cars, despite being created for the purpose of driving pleasure, many of them often sit in garages for the majority of their life. Other, more practical vehicles like sport sedans might see more mileage, but this E39 BMW M5 is on another level.

The 2002 BMW M5 has 542,500 miles (873,069 km) on its odometer. Yes, you read that right, over 500 hundred thousand miles on a 20-year-old BMW performance sedan. That’s enough mileage to circle the Earth 21 times over, or drive from the Earth to the Moon 2.27 times. Shown in the video below at what appears to be a car meet, the E39 M5 is possibly the highest-mileage example in the world.

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All things considered, the M5 is in pretty good shape, with neither the Sterling Grey paint nor the body it’s painted on having any serious defects, and the brown interior maintaining its original color and staying largely wrinkle-free. Other than the fact that the car is missing its hood (purposely, as it’s supposedly getting work done to it), it actually looks to be in rather nice condition.

The owner of the car claims it has the original engine with the original timing chain guide, and it surprisingly hasn’t had needed internal work done over its half-million-mile life. Seeing as it originally made 394 hp (400 PS / 294 kW) and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque, we’d be curious to see how much power this M5’s 4.9-liter V8 still makes after all these years and miles. Maybe the owner’s next order of business could be getting it to a dyno.


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