This Fancy Go Kart Is Shaped After The Iconic Ferrari F40


The Ferrari F40 is an icon for many reasons. In fact, it’s so iconic that countless replicas and toys have been inspired by it. What we have here though is a combination of the two. It’s drivable (and not quite perfectly proportionally) just like a replica but it’s also meant for kids to play with just like a toy. And it might be worth more than your real car.

Up for sale on August 19th at RM Sotheby’s Monterey event, the F-Racer Junior as it’s called is a one-third-scale go-kart of extravagant proportions. Externally, it’s faithful though not a perfect representation of the full-size supercar from the 1980s. It even comes with a removable hardtop for cruising around the karting track or ‘the grounds’ with the sun shining into the cabin.

All of the classic F40 styling cues are clearly visible here. The NACA ducts on the hood and the rear fenders along with the scoops on the side of the body are correct too. Even small touches like the gills in the rear quarter panel and the see-through grille on the rear are present. Still, it features a few spots where the creator made mistakes.

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The exhaust isn’t shaped properly which we could forgive if it was designed that way for some sort of functionality but that’s not the case either. Additionally, the headlights are only mostly correct but in general, the front end could use a few nips and tucks to be more accurate. Thankfully, the underpinnings make up for the exterior imperfections to one degree or another.

Not only is the cabin equipped with proper safety belts but the chassis and drivetrain are ready for pint-sized performance too. Under the rear decklid, you’ll find a 270cc engine that according to the listing can go up to 40 mph (64 km/h). The little kart also has a fully-independent suspension.

Of course, if you’re going to give this little car to your kids you’ll likely have to drop between $30,000 and $40,000 for the privilege. We’ll be keeping an eye on the auction to find out where it finishes up.

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