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This Ford Bronco’s Custom Matching Trailer Was Made From An Actual Pre-Production Bronco


We’ve seen plenty of aftermarket trailers that are replicas of the cars towing them, but we can’t recall a time where a manufacturer themselves commissioned such an accessory. That all changes with this Ford Bronco trailer, which was made at the official request of Ford Performance.

Shared by automotive photographer Larry Chen on social media, the Bronco trailer was made by a man named Darin Spreadbury, who reportedly only had 6 weeks to bring it from idea to reality.

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The Bronco towing the trailer was a support vehicle for a Bronco Raptor in the Baja 1000, meaning there was a Bronco being chased by a Bronco towing another half-Bronco. But for those worried that Ford is out there chopping Broncos in half while some reservation holders have been waiting months to get theirs, the one used to make the trailer is actually a pre-production prototype that would have had to be retired and scrapped anyway.

The trailer was made from a 2-door Bronco prototype because it offers more space and a cleaner end result than 4-door model if you were to chop it just aft of the rear doors. The front frame features diamond tread plating, and on top of it lies a spare tire, a cone, and what we’d imagine is either a recovery kit and/or miscellaneous trailer supplies.

Additionally, the trailer itself houses a secondary fuel cell, which is still fed by the original fuel door, and it still features the factory Ford parking brake to keep everything steady when still. On top of all that, there’s still plenty of trunk space available to store tools, which was the original reason for the project’s creation. The pièce de résistance of the build is the trailer’s air suspension, which allows for easy loading and retrieval of cargo.


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