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This Four-Door 1997 Honda Integra Type R Will Get You More Attention Than The New One

JDM hero cars often sell for more in America than they cost when they were brand new overseas. This 1997 Honda Integra Type-R might be the exception to the rule though and it’s packed with special JDM-only touches that make it a lot cooler than the new Acura Acura Integra. It’s probably faster too.

Unlike the Civic Type-R that would only come to American shores in 2017, the Integra Type-R was first available here in 1997. It’s not the same as the car available on Bring a Trailer right now though. The USDM car had lower compression, different wheels, seats, valve springs, exhaust headers, and more. Despite all of those downgrades on the US model, it still set the record for the most power per liter for a naturally aspirated engine in the USA at the time.

This DB8, the four-door version of the Integra, is rare for a number of reasons. Integra Type-Rs don’t really grow on trees, to begin with, but it’s believed that Honda made less than 6,000 four-door examples. Add to that the fact that the US never got any kind of four-door Integra Type-R. Well, Acura might try to sell one sometime in the future.

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Regardless, this little four-door Integra Type-R is likely quite a bit quicker than the brand new 2023 Acura Integra hatchback. That car is somewhat shockingly slow with a 0-60 time of 7.7-seconds and a 1/4 mile time of 15.7. Back when the 1997 USDM Integra was new, Car and Driver found that it would do the 0-60 sprint in just 6.6-seconds and the 1/4 mile in 15.2.

Don’t forget that this car came from the factory with more power so it should be even faster. The new Integra is a pretty car and is obviously aimed at a very different demographic but for our money, we think this example might be the one to have. It’s right-hand drive and is a genuinely rare little sedan. Now that it’s 25 years old, it’s legal here in the United States. Right now it’s only been bid up to $5,100 and it only has a few days to go before the auction is over.

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