This Guy Claims He Traded His Porsche 964 For A Subaru WRX With CVT


Trading your old car for something new is supposed to be exciting, but it turned out to be quite different for Blake, a Porsche 911 owner from Canada. According to an Instagram post, Blake traded his air-cooled 964 Carrera for a brand-new Subaru WRX Sport-Tech CVT, a claim that sparked outrage in the comments.

Each person is entitled to their own taste and preferences but the internet got quite mad at Blake when he announced the unusual trade. Some people thought he was trolling, but a post by Jason Hoang, an employee at Gemini Motors, added up to the confusion.

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The reason for the backslash is that the 2022 Subaru WRX is valued at a lower price than most Porsche 964 models, despite the massive age difference. More specifically, the most expensive trim of the Subaru according to the official website of Gemini Motors is $43,999 CAD which translates to $34,011 USD. Even if someone ticks all of the optional extras – as my colleague Steven Rivers did in a recent experiment – they would end up with a $55,638 price tag, representing a hefty increase over the $30,100 starting price.

Still, the WRX’s price can’t match the value of a Porsche 964 in the used car market which keeps on rising in recent years. Well-preserved examples of the 964 generation usually sell north of $75,000, and up to an eye-watering $440,000 depending on the condition and the rarity of the spec. Blake’s Porsche was a regular Carrera but it would still fetch some pretty money if it was auctioned online.

Browsing through Blake’s Instagram profile, we noticed that he bought the Porsche 964 only five weeks ago, replacing his Lotus Elise. This, and the aforementioned calculations make us believe that the Subaru trade was likely a joke – or a publicity stunt. He might have bought a new WRX as suggested by his Instagram bio, but the Porsche would be better used for the drive to collect it and not for the trade. We contacted Blake.Late on Instagram asking for more information about the matter, and we will update this story if he gets back to us.


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