This Is One Of The Cheapest First-Gen Acura NSXs You Can Buy


Few cars get JDM enthusiasts going more than the first-generation Acura NSX and this model from 1994 is one of the cheapest you’re going to find online.

This 1994 Acura NSX has been listed up for sale through Beverly Hills Car Club and has a classified ad price of just $58,500. While that’s still quite a lot of money, it’s surprisingly little for a first-generation NSX. In fact, jump on Autotrader and you’ll discover that most NSXs from this era are listed for sale between $66,000 and $100,000.

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The exterior of this NSX is finished in a color dubbed Brookland Green Pearl and it looks to be in good condition. Sure, a look at the odometer reveals that it has over 103,000 miles (~165,700 km) on the clock, but this is a Honda so it should still have plenty of life left in it. The eBay listing states that it is mechanically sound and will be sold with copies of service receipts, although it would probably be wise to check it out in person before signing any papers.

For the most part, the mid-engined sports car appears stock, although you will notice that it is rocking an aftermarket hood. The original silver alloy wheels are still fitted as are the red-painted brake calipers. The paint appears quite cloudy in the images provided but would probably look great after a thorough detail. A few minor scratches and scuffs are visible but there doesn’t appear to be any major bodywork damage.

The interior also looks to be in good condition and has been fitted with a new Clarion head unit. Both the engine bay and undercarriage also look to have been well-maintained.

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