This Jacked Up 1987 Buick Electra Is A Cheap Way To Get Noticed


Turning heads as one drives down the road is easy when the car in question costs six figures, has flashy bodywork, and sounds like thunder as it rolls. What’s usually much harder is turning heads when the car in question features a fairly unremarkable shape and costs less than $20,000. This lifted 1987 Buick Electra Estate with knobby mud tires might manage the feat though.

Listed right now over on eBay, this classic Electra would go almost totally unnoticed if not for its off-road accouterments. The lift kit that makes space for the huge wheels and tires you see here consists of 3-inch coil spacers and upgraded shocks.

Those wheels and tires are from a Jeep Wrangler so this wild-looking Electra has some objective off-road DNA even if it is rear-wheel drive. According to the seller, wheels and tires aren’t the only Jeep attribute that this Buick possesses. To experience it, you’ll have to be brave enough to take it on the highway though.

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“It drives great around town but out on the highway you need to be paying attention,” says the seller. It resembles death wobble evidently. That’s scary in a Wrangler or Cherokee, but a longer Buick Electra with death wobble might be scary enough to keep many out of the driver’s seat. The rest of the car seems like it’s in fair order. The interior looks pretty good but the A/C, cruise control, and wipers all need to be sorted out.

There’s also some rust to deal with. It’s not all bad though. A short video highlighting the car shows us that it starts quickly. The slightest belt squeal occurs before the car quiets down. As the tour continues we see that all five doors, including the one at the rear, as well as the hood all open and close with a satisfying clunk.

This old-school Buick isn’t going to be for everyone but with a little bit of tender love and care, we think it could be one head-turning daily driver. Just make sure you pay attention on the highway.


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