This Manual Mercedes E55 AMG Is Something You’ll Likely Never See Again


Everyone can appreciate a classic Mercedes AMG, but many of them are becoming harder and harder to find as time goes on. This particular AMG, a W210 E55, is not only available now, but it also features a special standout feature: a manual transmission.

The 2000 Mercedes E55 AMG, which is up for auction on Cars & Bids, is finished in a subtle silver and features the iconic Monoblock wheels to really tie the look together. We’ve actually featured another manual-swapped E55 before, and even though that one was also silver on silver, it’s surprisingly not the same car.

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The W210 E55, or any AMG for that matter, was never offered from the factory with a manual transmission, which is what makes this car so special. To outfit it with a row-your-own gearbox, the owner actually dropped in the 6-speed unit from a Chrysler Crossfire.

The Crossfire may seem like an unusual source for a transmission, but it’s important to remember that the W210 E-Class came out at a time when Mercedes was still in a partnership with Chrysler, and as such, many parts between the two companies actually carried over. The Crossfire, for example, shared a platform with the Mercedes SLK of the time, and since that car was offered with many of the same engines as the E-Class, its transmission bolted up rather nicely to the E55’s 5.4L V8.

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On the topic of that V8, it produces 349 hp (354 PS / 260 kW) and 391 lb-ft (530 Nm) of torque, which are honestly some pretty good numbers even by today’s standards. On top of that, to improve the driving experience even further the owner added a Quaife Engineering limited-slip differential, a LuK flywheel, and a “Stage 3” clutch kit. Finally, to make the new transmission work in harmony with the original electronics, the ECU and TCU now feature new programming.

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