This Porsche Tractor Cosplaying As A VW Beetle Is Definitely An Acquired Taste


Any Porsche-branded tractor is a special kind of agricultural machinery, but an owner wanted to make it stand out even more, by modifying it with several pieces of bodywork from the original VW Beetle.

The modified tractor is said to replicate a Porsche showpiece from back in the day, although we couldn’t find any documentation of such a build. According to the listing on Catawiki, this one is based on a 1962 Porsche-Diesel Standard 218 and it’s fitted with a four-cylinder diesel engine that produces 25 hp (18.4 kW / 25 PS).

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The unconventional mashup includes the entirety of the fenders, headlights, bumper, bonnet, and windshield of the VW Beetle. The packaging seems to have worked perfectly, although the original tractor bonnet is poking out together with the exhaust. The tail is also sourced from the bug, looking really strange in combination with the massive rear wheels of the tractor and the special mounts for agricultural equipment.

We’re not really sure if the tractor came with a seat bench for two but the Beetle steering wheel and sunshades keep the theme going on. While the execution appears to be nearly flawless and the tractor is beautifully restored, the additional components are not period correct, as suggested by the later-model-year taillights and steering wheel. In any case, this tractor will certainly raise some eyebrows if the new owner decides to take it out for a drive.

The vehicle is located in a village called Langeveen in The Netherlands, and the seller prefers it to be picked up from there. At the time of writing, the highest bid was €17,500 ($18,061), although the Beetlefied Porsche Tractor is estimated to fetch between €45,000-49,500 ($46,442-51,087)

More than 125,000 tractors were built between 1956 and 1963 at the Friedrichshafen-Manzell factory in Germany by a company called Porsche-Diesel Motorenbau GmbH. Ferdinand Porsche was forced to license the design of the tractor since he was not permitted to build such vehicles after World War II. Porsche is not the only high-end automaker that has a history with agricultural vehicles, as Lamborghini was also building tractors before trying its luck with flamboyant supercars.


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