This Strosek Design Porsche 911 Is A Hodgepodge Of Mods


The Porsche 911‘s design is amongst the most iconic in all of automotive history, so much so that it’s by and large remained the same over the entirety of its 60-year lifespan. Part of that iconic design lies in its oval headlights, whose roundness stands out in the sea of increasingly angular cars today, but tuner Strosek Design decided to change that when they got their hands on the 911.

The change in question involves shrinking the 911’s headlights by a significant amount, but it’s just the most prominent of the many alterations they make to the car. And of the relatively few cars they’ve done this to, one is actually up for sale on eBay.

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At first, the car might look like a 964 911 with a new front end, but it’s actually much more. The first thing is that it’s not even a 964. While that generation was produced from 1989-1993, this car is actually a 1976 model. The reason it looks so much more modern than it actually is, is because it’s not just a new front end that this car wears, rather a full custom widebody kit that was designed and professionally installed by Strosek.

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The car is finished in Arena Red metallic, and it features bright silver 10-spoke wheels that frame brake calipers of a similar color. Inside, the drop-top’s cabin is upholstered in light tan leather, and it features a billet shift knob as well as red-trimmed Strosek gauges to tie it back to the exterior. Even the engine contains red accents to bring the theme full circle.

On the subject of that engine, it’s unclear whether or not it’s been modified, but even stock the 2.7L air-cooled flat-six makes a respectable 175 hp (177 PS / 130 kW). But regardless of power, it all gets sent to the rear wheels exclusively via a 5-speed manual transmission, so at least it should be engaging to drive.

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