This Subaru WRX STI Pickup Truck Conversion Is The Brat We Didn’t Know We Wanted


We’ve seen plenty of custom cars end up a lot worse off than they were before the modifications began. That can’t be said of this 2006 Subaru WRX STI with a complete Ute conversion kit. Not only does the fit and finish look good enough that it could’ve come out of a Subaru factory but the bed is fully functional and bigger than you might expect.

Up for auction over at Cars & Bids, this 2006 WRX STI Ute has spent the vast majority of its life in California. Shortly after being moved to New York it was modified into the car that you see here with a Smyth Performance “Ute” conversion kit. That’s the same Smyth Performance brand that makes pickup truck conversion kits for the Dodge Charger, the Audi A4, the VW Bettle, and more. To put it mildly, they know what they’re doing.

And that build quality is plainly seen in this particular Subaru. The joint between the original B-pillar and the new enclosed rear cabin is immaculate. The shoulder line that ends up being the top of the bed also looks factory-fresh. Even the modified tail lights that now cut off abruptly at the tailgate look fitting.

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Unlock the pop-up locking tonneau cover and drop that tailgate and you’ll find a fully usable aluminum bed that measures 79 inches from the cab to the edge of that tailgate. Even with the inner fenders that reduce bed space, there are 35.5 inches from side to side. In addition, Smyth Performance created this bed with the ability to install old-school Subaru Brat rear-facing seats should the new owner want to do that.

While this Subaru is obviously modified it sounds like the drivetrain is only very subtly warmed over. It features a COBB Accessport tuner, a Turbo Tek ECU tune, a COBB boost control solenoid, a COBB turbo blanket, a high-flow catalytic converter, and a 3-inch stainless steel exhaust system. Still, the vehicle has 178,300 miles on it so it’s no spring chicken.

The seller says that a lot of important maintenance has been completed recently though including a timing belt service, spark plugs, ignition coils, and more. The WRX sits atop 18-inch Fifteen52 Integrale wheels with Brembo brakes hiding behind them. It’s one unique package that we can see going for big money. What would you spend on it?

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