This Tesla Model 3 Was Totalled By A Massive Hailstorm, Shattering The Glass Roof


Hail is one of the worst fears of petrolheads, as even if you keep your car in an enclosed parking space, there is always the chance it can catch you on the road. A driver in Canada learned it the hard way after his Tesla Model 3 sustained one of the worst hail damages we have ever seen.

The incident took place on August 1st, on the Queen Elizabeth II highway, close to the city of Red Deer in Alberta, Canada. As reported by Tesla owner Russ Osborne, the massive hailstorm hit suddenly and lasted for about ten minutes. Being stranded on the highway, the driver couldn’t find shelter, and the ferocity of the storm forced him to stop on the roadside.

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The hail had the size of tennis balls and grapefruits, shattering the windshield and the panoramic glass roof of the Tesla. The in-car video footage was shot when the bulk of the storm had already passed, but it is still terrifying to watch. Pieces of glass are scattered on the dashboard, with water leaking through the cracked glass. The drenched cabin doesn’t seem like a safe place for the driver, with Tesla’s giant glass roof panels making it works. However, it also wouldn’t be wise to step outside, in fear of getting injured.

Thankfully, the hailstorm stopped before the situation became any worse. The driver was fine, although the car was predictably totaled. As we can see in the second video with the aftermath, the exterior of the Model 3 is full of dents, with every single body panel appearing to be damaged. The headlights are smashed, the turn signals are sticking out of the car, and the charging port has opened with trim pieces missing.

According to Russ Osborne who uploaded the videos on YouTube, more than 70 vehicles were damaged by the storm that day, ending up with dented bodywork and smashed windows. As noted in the comments section of the video, this type of damage is covered by the driver’s insurance, so his Tesla Model 3 will be replaced.

Screenshot and footage by Russ Osborne


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