This Tesla Model S Owner Is Either A Huge Fan Of Iron Man Or The Pontiac Sunfire


While the Tesla Model S is the oldest model in the automaker’s current range, we think it remains the best-looking. This particular Model S, however? Well, it is a different story entirely.

Images of this bizarre Model S were recently shared to Reddit after it was spotted parked in France. Its design has been overhauled with a plethora of parts and ‘upgrades’ that look to have taken inspiration from Iron Man.

For starters, the exterior of the EV has been clad in a striking wrap combining areas of red, grey, gold, and black. A host of changes have then been made to the bodywork of the Tesla. These changes are most obvious at the front end where an all-new nose has been crafted for the car, somewhat reminding us of a Pontiac Sunfire, albeit with an even sharper and more outlandish shape. The hood is particularly unique with a large blue design element that brings to mind the reactor in Iron Man’s armor.

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The odd styling choices continue along the sides of the car with golden fender flares that sit over the Tesla’s standard wheels. Purple LEDs are also found inside the arches.

Comprehensive changes have also been made to the rear of the car. For example, there is a subtle lip spoiler and a redesigned bumper with large faux tailpipes that would be better suited to a mid-engined supercar. The red, silver, and gold color theme continues across the rear.

We have no idea how much the owner of this Tesla paid to have all these unique modifications made but they probably weren’t cheap. Does that make them cool? We’ll let you decide.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first Iron Man-inspired Tesla we’ve come across. Back in 2019, we came across both a Tesla Model S and Model X in the United States that had similar color themes.

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