This Thai Toyota MR-S Dressed As A Porsche Boxster Almost Fooled Us


Sports car prices are rising through the roof like just about everything else these days, making it hard for many enthusiasts to enjoy them.

A cheaper solution is to buy a replica, and perhaps this Toyota MR-S dressed up as a Porsche Boxster could be a worthy candidate. For sale on Kaidee Auto, the replica really does a good impression of the German sports car for a lot less money than the original.

Both the front and rear fascia have been changed to replicate a first-generation Boxster, with the infamous “fried egg” headlights. The front bumper is slightly different than would be stock on a real 986 Boxster and instead apes the style of the newer 718-generation. The net effect is a fairly handsome vehicle, if not totally convincing.

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Around the back it is decidedly more cohesive, with taillights and bumper taken directly from Porsche’s mid-engined sports car. Of course, being based around a Toyota MR-S, the engine is in the proper place for a convincing replica. The sports car is powered by a Toyota 1.8-liter four-cylinder, which means it has just 140 horsepower. It is still connected to a manual transmission, however, meaning that the look-alike will be fun to drive.

The interior is, of course, where the MR-S gives the game away. The triple gauge pod is essentially stock, as is the center console. In fact, we’re inclined to say that the Toyota steering wheel with a Porsche badge looks slightly better than the stock Stuttgart steerer, but maybe that’s just us.

Apparently, this isn’t uncommon in Thailand, as there are many other models for sale that feature the Toyota MR-S as a base for modification. Although it won’t have the same performance as the more expensive model it’s trying to emulate, the MR-S is still a capable sports car in its own right.

This Boxster replica is currently for sale in Mueang Lopburi, Thailand, for a price of 850,000 Thai Baht, or $24,616 USD.

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