Three Teens In Florida Steal Maserati Leading Police In 120 MPH Chase Before Fatal Crash


Three teens in Florida allegedly stole a 2016 Maserati on October 2, 2022. Less than 10 minutes later it would lay upside down in a heap of metal. One of the three teens died on the scene while the other two were transported to the hospital with serious injuries. A Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office helicopter caught the entire incident on video from above.

According to the police, around 3:20 a.m. that same morning, they’d been called out to the area in response to a vehicle burglary in progress. Patrol deputies along with a K9 Unit responded but so did the department’s flight unit. Not long after ground units took one subject into custody regarding that call, the flight unit spotted three unrelated individuals attempting to break into other vehicles.

The unit maintained visual contact with the suspects as they opened the door of the Maserati, got in, and then drove away. The video shows that less than three minutes after the suspects enter the vehicle the police have already caught up with them and attempted to stop them. As soon as the vehicle begins to run we can hear audio of the deputies being told to “back off” as Pinellas County has a rule against chasing stolen vehicles.

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Despite the reduction in immediate pressure on the teen driver, he continues at a high rate of speed before losing control. Video shows the vehicle fishtailing slightly before sliding towards the south side of the road. After coming into contact with the curb, the Maserati is launched up into the air and into a metal post before coming to rest on its roof. Deputies say that it was traveling at 123 mph (197 km/h) when the crash occurred.

The 15-year-old driver, survived the crash with critical injuries, while the 16-year-old rear-seat passenger also survived but with life-threatening injuries. The other 15-year-old front passenger, died at the scene. Looking at the wreckage, it seems shocking that anyone made it out alive.

According to investigators, a glove, a firearm, and a ski mask were all recovered at the scene.

Image Credit: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office


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