Tiffany & Co’s New Vintage Clock Car Will Cost You $215,000


Tiffany & Co has released two automotive-inspired clocks as part of its Time for Speed Collection. Neither of the two clocks are cheap.

Each of the two clocks are inspired by race cars from the 1950s and sit on stainless steel wheels with rubber tires. The time is displayed in five-minute increments on a stainless steel aperture on the side of the model.

Positioned in the cockpit where a driver would normally sit is the grand complication that features a glass dome that showcases the complex movement driving the clock.

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The clock’s interesting features continue with a radiator-style grille complete with the Tiffany & Co logo and sitting on the hood is a large ‘5’ to represent the company’s flagship store in Fifth Avenue in New York City. The time can be set by rotating the three-spoke steering wheel counterclockwise while the movement is wound by pulling the car back on a flat surface.

Tiffany & Co’s clock is made primarily from aluminum and features the company’s famous shade of Tiffany Blue. It is 15.2-inches long, 6.2-inches wide, and 4.7-inches tall, weighing in at a hefty 10.3 lbs (4.6 kgs).

Two variants of the clock have been developed. The cheaper of the two model is available for $40,000 on the company’s website while the more expensive model costs $215,000 (see it here) because it features loads of hand-set Tiffany & Co round brilliant diamonds. These include multiple rows of pavé diamonds around the clock’s bezel and engraving plate as well as cut diamonds set at the center of each wheel.


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