To Buy GM’s New Teeny-Weeny Hongguang Mini EV Cabrio In China, You Have To Enter A Lottery


Back in 2021, GM’s Chinese-market brand Wuling unveiled a convertible version of their Hongguang Mini EV. Called the Hongguang Mini EV Cabrio, we now know that the pint-size electric car is headed for production, making it quite possibly one of, if not, the smallest convertible one can buy. But as we’re now finding out, the process of buying one will be a bit different than expected.

Rather than the typical sales process, in which it’s first come first serve for consumers, SAIC-GM-Wuling will raffle off the chance to buy one. It’s estimated than only between 100 and 200 units of the car will be produced each month, and they will be offered in a lottery style. Seeing how popular the fixed top Hongguang Mini EV was, which reportedly became the best-selling electric car in China with 426,000 units sold last year, and given the cabrio’s limited production run we can understand why they chose to go with a lottery.

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Zhang Yiqin, Wuling’s head of branding and marketing, told Bloomberg that the winners of the lottery will be announced in late September. And while no price has been finalized, Yiqin mentioned that it would likely cost between 100,000 yuan ($14,513) and 200,000 yuan ($29,026). That’s relatively cheap for a convertible EV, but when looked at in context next to the regular Hongguang Mini, which starts from around $4,700, it sure is pricey.

So what do you get for all that extra money? Other than the convertible top and its accompanying modifications, some changes to the cabrio over the standard model include contrasting door inserts, LED headlights with a new design, and larger six-spoke wheels on low-profile tires.


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