Toyota Century Vs. Rolls-Royce Phantom Vs. Maybach 57S Is An Ultra-Luxury V12 Sedan Showdown


Ultra-luxury sedans aren’t necessarily known for their speed, but many of them typically have relatively powerful engines with large cylinder counts to make getting around town that much easier. To see just how powerful those engines can be, Throttle House decided to have a drag race between a Toyota Century, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, and a Maybach 57S.

All three cars are within five years of age from each other, all have V12 engines, and all send their power exclusively to the rear wheels. However, the Century costs less than a third of the Maybach and less than a fifth of the Rolls-Royce, so that’s something to consider along with the results of the races.

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Starting off with each car’s specs, the Century makes 276 hp (280 PS / 206 kW) and 340 lb-ft (461 Nm) of torque from a 5.0L V12, and it weighs 4,520 lb (2,050 kg). The Phantom makes 453 hp (459 PS / 338 kW) and 531 lb-ft (720 Nm) of torque from a 6.75L V12, and it weighs 5,577 lb (2,530 kg). Finally, the 57S makes 604 hp (612 PS / 450 kW) and 738 lb-ft (1,001 Nm) of torque from a 6.0L twin-turbo V12, and it weighs 6,050 lb (2,744 kg). As the cars get more expensive, they tend to get more power, but they also gain more weight, both a consequence of adding luxury.

In the drag race, the Century surprisingly got the jump on the Maybach and the Rolls-Royce off the line, but that lead shortly came to an end. Seconds later, the Rolls-Royce clawed its way back, and the Maybach rocketed away, both making light work of the humble Toyota. In the end, it was the 57S in first, followed by the Phantom in second, then the Century in third. In the roll race, that same result was amplified, but the Rolls-Royce had to retire after breaking down. They tried repeating it to see if the Rolls would fix itself, but there was no such luck.


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