Toyota Gives Japan’s 2023 Camry And Daihatsu Altis Sibling A New Lick Of Red And A Brown Interior


Toyota has been building the current, eight-generation Camry since 2017 and while talk about its successor has already started, the carmaker isn’t yet ready to bid farewell to the ever-popular sedan.

In order to freshen up the Camry and give it some new appeal, Toyota has unveiled the new paint scheme for both the Camry and its Daihatsu Altis sibling. The new paint is dubbed Emotional Red III and is the bright kind of color you would expect to see from the likes of Ferrari or Porsche.

Owning a bright yellow Renault Clio RS myself, I can appreciate the appeal of driving around in a brightly-colored car. After all, the vast majority of vehicles you see on the streets are finished in black, white, silver, or grey. Adding a bit of color is a great way to stand out and be a little different from the crowd.

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It is not just the new Emotional Red III paint that the Japanese car manufacturer has worked on. Japanese customers will be able to order the Camry and Altis with a new leather interior package that sees brown leather adorn all five seats, the middle part of the dashboard, parts of the door panels, and the center console. The rest of the cabin is bathed in black leather.

The Toyota Camry and Daihatsu Altis have also been updated with new USB-C ports, as opposed to the older USB-A ports that were previously featured.

It remains uncertain if other markets will also be offered the new Emotional Red III paint and the two-tone black and brown leather interior. Japanese prices range from 3,495,000 yen ($26,556) to 4,682,000 yen ($35,575).

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