Toyota GR Prius Renderings Imagine The Sportiest Version Of The Prettiest Prius Yet


The following story contains renderings of a fictional GR Prius by X-Tomi Design and Theottle that are neither related to nor endorsed by Toyota.

When Toyota revealed the new Prius earlier this week, nearly everyone was shocked at how good and well… un-Prius-like it looked. The sleeker, sportier design has led many to wonder what an actual performance version of the Prius might look like, and a few digital artists have already tried their hand at bringing that idea to life.

Both X-Tomi Design and Theottle have envisioned versions of a fictional GR Prius, and each designer managed to put a unique spin on what the hotter Prius might look like. Both designs are very well-done, so rather than picking favorites (because we honestly can’t), we’ll give a quick rundown on each.

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X-Tomi Design’s Prius envisions the hybrid hatchback with some styling cues from the GR86, but keeps the base body largely the same. It features the same air curtains found on the GR86‘s front end, while elsewhere, the wheels, brakes, and front fender vents are all sourced from the GR Corolla. Rounding off the design is GR badging, body-colored wheel arches, a front splitter, a rear lip, and sportier side skirts.

Theottle’s design is a bit more all-encompassing, imagining the car with what is essentially a full GR Corolla body kit on top of a Prius base. The relatively simple design of the Corolla’s front end makes for a nice, distinct set of graphics, and its rear fender flares and extended side skirts pair quite well with the Prius’s original lines. If we had to nitpick, though, our only suggestion would be to push the wheels a bit further out of the wheel wells.

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Neither designer mentioned what their hypothetical GR Prius would be powered by, so we’ll take a crack at that ourselves. Should this fictional GR Prius ever see the light of day, Toyota could drop in the range-topping powertrain from the Crown to give it even more power than the respectable amount it already makes. In that case, it would make 340 hp (345 PS / 254 kW) from a 2.4-liter turbocharged inline-four and a single electric motor, plus it would still be a hybrid, keeping in line with the Prius’s eco-friendly mission statement.

That being said, it’s worth noting that the new Prius is already decently powerful for what it is, especially in its plug-in hybrid Prime guise. The car’s 2.0-liter inline-four and electric motor produce a combined 220 hp (223 PS / 164 kW), which is only 8 hp (8 PS / 6 kW) less than the GR86. Not bad for a fuel-sipping economy car.

Which of the two designs is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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