Toyota GR86 RZ 10th Anniversary Limited Debuts in Japan Bathed In Orange


Toyota Gazoo launched a special edition of the GR86 for the Japanese market, celebrating the 10 years since the introduction of the GT86 sportscar. The Toyota GR86 RZ 10th Anniversary Limited comes with special touches inside-out, and an orange theme to differentiate itself from the twin Subaru BRZ S 10th Anniversary Limited which came in blue.

The special GR86 is based on the RZ trim and is exclusively available in a flame orange shade, reminiscent of the original 86. The multi-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels are finished in black, matching the mirror caps and the accents on the bumpers. There is also a “10th-anniversary since 2012” sticker on the rear windshield.

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The 10th Anniversary Limited of the Toyota GR86 (above) and the Subaru BRZ (below) come in different color themes.

The orange livery of the Toyota makes a great contrast with the blue livery of the Subaru. The anniversary editions of the sportscar duo make us nostalgic about Japanese fighting video games like Tekken, where a character would come dressed in two different colors if selected by both players.

The same theme is continued inside the cabin, with orange for the ribbons on the seats, plus orange stitching on the seats, steering wheel, shifter, handbrake, and doors which are upholstered in leather. Other highlights are the orange 10th-anniversary embroidery on the doors and the cast black accents on the dashboard.

Under the bonnet lies the familiar naturally aspirated 2.4-liter boxer engine producing 232 hp (173 kW / 235 PS) and 250 Nm (184.4 lb-ft) of torque as with all GR86s and BRZs in JDM-spec guise. Power is sent to the rear axle through either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic gearbox.

Toyota will be accepting orders for the GR86 RZ 10th Anniversary Limited from July 24 to September 30 through its official website, or local dealers. Unlike Subaru which revealed a limited production of 200 units for the similar BRZ, Toyota didn’t specify how many of the special GR86s will be produced. The GR86 RZ 10th Anniversary Limited is slightly more expensive than the Subaru, with prices starting from ¥3,469,000 ($25,433) for the manual, and from ¥3,632,000 ($26,629) for the automatic.


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