Toyota Hilux Goes Airborne After Driver Loses Control And Hits Embankment


The driver and passenger of a Toyota Hilux in Queensland, Australia have been lucky to walk away from a terrifying crash earlier this month.

Dashcam footage of the crash starts off by showing a black Toyota Hilux approaching the highway while following a red Toyota C-HR. When the road opens up to two lanes, the driver of the Hilux immediately turns into the overtaking lane and appears to pin the throttle just as the pickup was traveling over painted white lines on the road.

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This was enough for the rear-end of the Hilux to lose traction. It immediately begins to drift to the right and as the driver was unable to correct the slide, the Toyota continues into a grass median in the center of the road. Things then go from bad to worse for the driver as the Hilux then hits a hidden embankment, sending the pickup into the air and nosediving onto the pavement.

The passenger of the Hilux took to YouTube to reveal that the crash occurred while they were on the way to school and miraculously, none of the occupants were injured.

The ease at which the Toyota lost traction is quite surprising. We suspect that it was being driven in rear-wheel drive mode at the time but even so, we would have expected the traction control system to kick in the moment the rear tires lost traction on the painted lines. It is also possible that the Hilux may have had worn tires at the time and that these also contributed to the crash.


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