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Toyota Recognizes California’s Authority To Set Vehicle Emission Standards

Toyota will now recognize California’s authority to set its own vehicle emission standards.

In making the move, Toyota will be eligible for government fleet purchases by the state of California. The automaker confirmed its decision in a letter sent to California governor Gavin Newsom and Air Resources Board chair Liane Randolph, noting that it is “committed to emission reductions and vehicle introductions consistent with CARB’s programs.”

“Our success in helping to electrify transportation depends in large part on success here, and in working with you to ensure we can deliver affordable and compelling solutions for all Californians,” Toyota added, per Automotive News.

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The state of California revealed in November 2019 that it would halt all purchases of new vehicles for state government fleets from automakers that were backing former President Donald Trump in a legal fight over emissions standards. Toyota ultimately withdrew its support for Trump’s rules in February 2021.

“We’re pleased to see that Toyota has now recognized CA’s authority to set vehicle standards under the Clean Air Act,” Randolph wrote on Twitter. “Although we’ve had differences in the past, we look forward to advancing ZEVs together on positive footing. We are excited to explore their proposals to accelerate zero emission vehicle projects designed to clean up air pollution in California communities burdened by heavy truck traffic, including port-adjacent communities, rail yards & distribution centers.”

Toyota’s acknowledgement of California’s authority to set its own vehicle standards comes just a few weeks after it issued a recall for its new all-electric vehicle, the bZ4X. In the recall, Toyota revealed that one or more of the wheels could come loose and fall off due to an issue with a hub bolt. This prompted the car manufacturer to offer affected owners the option to sell their vehicles back to Toyota.

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