Toyota To Use Google Pixel Technology For A Better Voice Assistant


Toyota today announced that it will utilize Google Cloud’s AI-based speech services in its cars. That will mean that its customers can use the Toyota Voice Assistant, regardless of whether or not they’re connected to the internet.

Toyota already uses Google Cloud’s Speech-to-Text service to perform automatic speech recognition on its latest-generation Automotive Grade Linux-based Audio Multimedia infotainment system for its voice assistance.

Unfortunately, the machine-learning capability needed for accurate and consistent voice interactions means that most systems, including Toyota’s, rely on an internet connection to do the computing.

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That has meant that in some circumstances, such as in extremely remote areas or in tunnels, the system might not work. Now, though, utilizing technology developed for the Google Pixel, voice assistants can be run on small devices, making it possible for Toyota‘s vehicles to respond to vocal prompts from its drivers, even when an online connection isn’t available.

“By working closely with Toyota to understand its in-vehicle device requirements and capabilities, we were able to provide server-like quality while using only a small fraction of the processing power to ensure the best possible experience for drivers,” said Umesh Vemuri VP, Global Strategic Customers & Industries, Google Cloud.

Toyota says that the first results of its expanded partnership with Google Cloud are now available in its latest-generation Toyota Audio Multimedia and Lexus Interface systems. Customers can experience them in 2023 models like the Toyota Corolla, Tundra, and Sequoia, as well as the Lexus NX, RX, and the RZ.

“Today’s announcement represents refinement that comes with years of collaboration between Toyota and Google Cloud to perfect how our technologies work with one another,” said Steve Basra, CEO and president of Toyota Connected North America.


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