Trio Of Super-Rare LaFerrari Prototype Cars Is Headed To Auction


A trio of Ferrari prototypes has just popped up for sale and they were each used to create one of the holy trinity of hypercars: the LaFerrari.

Each piece of the trio represents a different stage in the development process and could bring big money. Bidders have quite a little while to collect their funds for these masterpieces of technology and innovation too as the cars aren’t going over the auction block until the Mecum Monterey show from August 18th until the 22nd.

The “First-Phase Emissions Development Car“, internally known at Ferrari as F150 Muletto M4, is based on the 458 but has its chassis modified to accept the complete LaFerrari drivetrain. It was used by the brand in 2011 and 2012 to test mechanical components and to ensure that the drivetrain could meet all emissions parameters.

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Then there’s the “Second-Phase Mechanical Development Car” which looks quite a bit different with a longer tail section as it sits on a pre-production carbon-fiber chassis tub. The listing points out that this particular car features body and trim components not found on any other Ferrari. It even has 22,411 miles (36,068 km) on the odometer, probably more than we’ll ever see on a production LaFerrari.

Finally, the “Third-Phase Pre-Series Illustrator” is visually identical to the production version of the LaFerrari. Unlike the road-going car, this one sports unique prototype parts and even a little badge on the steering wheel that says “F150”. The listing points out that while LaFerraris themselves are quite rare, this prototype is of course, rarer still.

It seems highly unlikely that any of these cars could ever be made street legal but that’s certainly not a reason that would keep us from owning one – and we guess the same stands true for wealthy collectors.

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