Try Not To Cry As A Valet Crashes LaFerrari Into A Bunch Of Scooters


Handing over the keys of your car to a valet always come with its risks, so much so that even I’d be hesitant to do it with my $10,000 Renault. In Monaco recently, the owner of a unique Ferrari LaFerrari discovered first-hand when can happen when things go wrong.

This clip was filmed by YouTuber G-E Supercars and initially shows the valet (with his face blurred), parking the multi-million dollar hybrid hypercar on the side of the road and across a pedestrian crossing.

Initially, it all seems fine and after sitting in the car for a while, the valet eventually jumps out from the car. We can hear that the engine is still running and mere moments later, the LaFerrari begins to accelerate forward. The valet desperately jumps back into the car and slams on the brakes but not before the Ferrari rammed into a pair of scooters that were parked in front of it. In the process, the car also almost took out a guy that was taking photos of it.

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Making matters worse for the valet is that the owner of the Ferrari witnessed the whole thing and can be seen shouting “Are you f**king stupid,” before telling the valet to “get out.”

Footage taken of the Dubai-registered driving around the Principality after the crash shows that it managed to avoid serious damage but will still need some expensive repairs for it to return to its former glory. Most notably, a number of scratches can be seen across the carbon fiber front splitter. Scratches are also visible elsewhere on the front bumper, including an area just adjacent to the headlight on the driver’s side.

There aren’t all that many LaFerraris painted in blue like this one, making the incident all the more unfortunate for the valet driver.


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