Unofficial Jaguar F-Type Four-Door Coupe Looks… Pretty Good, Actually


This story contains independent illustrations of a fictional Jaguar F-Type Limousine Coupe made by Sugar Design that are neither related to nor endorsed by Jaguar.

When it came out, the Jaguar F-Type was a surprising thing: a really good-looking, modern Jaguar coupe that didn’t rely on old-timey design cues. The F-Type has now pulled off another surprising trick: looking really good as a four-door coupe.

Sugar Design has published renderings of its interpretation of what a four-door version of the Jaguar F-Type might look like, and the results are surprisingly good. Though I have a soft spot in my heart for two-door model, I was shocked at how well this rendering works.

Featuring an unusual roofline and bifurcated spoiler, the design allows for the top of the windows to slope down at a very classically-correct coupe angle, while the roof rails look like they would allow for more headroom for rear-seat passengers.

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The rendered four (or rather, five) door model above is based on the soon to be discontinued F-Type coupe below

It’s a neat trick that appears to allow for some fudging and editing of the roofline without compromising the overall design of the vehicle. I’d be interested in seeing if it works in reality, but it certainly works here, creating a four-door that works both as a four-door and a coupe.

Although pulling off the four-door coupe look is not longer that unusual, we are, after all, in the era of the Audi RS7, the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe, and (depending on your tastes) the Cadillac Celestiq, it’s neat to see a design that works while managing to be visually distinct from its hypothetical competitors.

Unfortunately, this could never be, since the Jaguar F-Type is not long for this world. Since EVs tend to work better as larger vehicles, though, I would be interested to see if something like this could serve as the spiritual successor to the F-Type as Jaguar commits to electrification.

What do you think? Would be into it if Jaguar slap some batteries under a four-door version of the F-Type and plug a meaty motor to each axle to create a svelte EV for the future?


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