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Utterly Gorgeous Milano Vision GT Is The Next Italian V8 Supercar The World Needs


No, this isn’t an exciting new mid-engined supercar from Ferrari but instead comes from the mind of talented designer Alexander Imnadze Baldini and is dubbed the Milano Vision GT.

Rather than trying to conceive a new supercar from an existing car manufacturer, the designer decided to create the vehicle as if it came from a small company based in Milan, Italy that creates cars for games like Gran Turismo and Forza. While it does have a similar shape and proportions to the Ferrari 296 GTB, it undeniably stands out and is dripping with sex appeal.

The front of the Milano Vision GT immediately catches the eye thanks to the sleek headlights positioned on the outer flanks of the fascia. It also features a prominent grille and has large cooling ducts for the front brakes. The front half of the car is dominated by flowing lines and includes a sleek windshield and shapely side windows.

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Viewed from the side, the two-tone wheels of the Vision GT make an immediate impression, as do the large intakes positioned just behind the front wheel arches. The wing mirrors are also particularly striking but would likely have to grow in size were a car like this ever actually built.

We’re particularly fond of the car’s rear half. Voluptuous quarter panels flow gently into a simple LED light bar stretching the width of the rear. Baldini has also imagined the supercar with a single, central-exiting tailpipe and a relatively subtle diffuser as well as a hydraulically-operated active rear wing.

Finally, a glass engine cover is also visible, sitting above what appears to be an eight-cylinder engine.

Thanks to Alexander Imnadze Baldini for sharing his project with us


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