Veilside’s 2023 Nissan Z Is Taking Shape With Striking Bodykit


The 2023 Nissan Z hasn’t been in the hands of customers for long and already, famed Japanese tuner Veilside has designed and manufactured a bodykit for it.

While the kit has not yet been showcased in full, a handful of images shared to Facebook offer us a good look at the car from most angles. It’s bold and much more aggressive than a typical Z and should prove popular for those wanting to make a big statement with their cars.

The front of the Z immediately catches the eye thanks to changes to the controversial grille. While the top half of the grille looks largely identical to the stock item, the lower half is dramatically different and sports black plastic that flows down into a sharp splitter. The bodywork around the grille also has some curves in a change that really suits the overall design and shape of the sports car.

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Veilside has also equipped the modified Nissan Z with black fins on either side of the front bumper while the front quarter panels have been transformed with aerodynamic louvers. A new hood is also visible, complete with a two-tone finish.

The tuner has not yet previewed the rear of the car but we expect to see a revised bumper, flared wheel arches, a diffuser, and some kind of spoiler or wing. Whatever the case may be, the car will certainly be much more striking than a typical Z.

Veilside is far from the only aftermarket specialist to recently get its hands on the car. In mid-October, HKS showcased a tweaked Z fitted with aftermarket wheels, coilover suspension, and a new exhaust with titanium tailpipes.

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