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Volcon And GM Team Up For Electric Off-Road UTVs

Volcon has announced all of its off-road utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) will be powered by GM electric propulsion systems.

The companies didn’t go into many specifics, but noted the recently introduced Stag UTV will use battery cell modules as well as a “number of supporting components from GM.” This promises to provide the model with “exceptional acceleration and speed recovery in a variety of terrains.”

While a number of questions remain, GM’s Vice President of EV Growth Operations, Travis Hester, said “General Motors has transformed from an automaker to a platform innovator, with scalable architectures designed to accelerate EV adoption across different industries and product types.” He added, “Our work with Volcon is indicative of our plans and demonstrates the flexibility of the platform as well as potential applications well beyond traditional vehicles.”

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Volcon CTO Christian Okonsky noted, “Everyone at Volcon has worked so hard to bring the best possible UTV to market and our alignment with GM could not be a better fit for making this project become a reality. We save an enormous amount of R&D expense and gain years of drivetrain testing and validation by joining forces with GM.”

Getting back to the Stag, it costs $39,999 and is slated to be launched in the summer of 2023. The four-seater will have a 42 kWh battery pack and an electric powertrain that produces 125 hp (93 kW / 127 PS) and 265 lb-ft (359 Nm) of torque – with overboost pushing things past the 140 hp (104 kW / 142 PS) mark. This setup will enable the UTV to hit a top speed of 80 mph (129 km/h) and have a range in excess of 100 miles (161 km).

Other highlights include an on-demand four-wheel drive system, which automatically engages the front wheels whenever the rear wheels lose traction. The Stag will also have selectable drive modes and a 7.2 kW onboard charger, which will enable the battery to be recharged in less than six hours.

Buyers will also find two built-in cameras, for sharing your off-road adventures, and rear seats that fold down to provide more than 26 cubic feet (736 liters) of cargo space. Customers can also expect a 1,550 lbs (703 kg) payload capacity as well as the ability to tow up to 2,000 lbs (907 kg).

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