Volvo Appears To Tease An Entry-Level Electric SUV For 2023


Volvo appears to have taken a cue from the late Steve Jobs by having a ‘one more thing’ moment during the unveiling of the EX90.

As a reward for fans who watched the livestream until the end, Volvo apparently teased a smaller electric crossover coming in 2023.

The automaker is staying tight lipped, but a video was played showing an EX90 in the distance. As the camera gets closer, the video starts to ‘glitch’ and a small crossover is shown alongside its larger counterpart.

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While we only get a few glimpses of the model, it’s notably shorter than the EX90 and this suggests it will be a two-row crossover. Additional details are hard to make out, but the small crossover has slightly different taillights with a more prominent C-shape and a thicker upper light band.

That isn’t much to go on, but spy photographers snapped a mysterious mule earlier this year that was a mixture of a Polestar 2 and Volvo XC40. The model was originally believed to be a prototype for the upcoming Polestar 4, but now we’re wondering if it might have been a mule for the crossover shown in the video.

That remains unconfirmed, but previous reports suggested Volvo could introduce an entry-level electric crossover in 2023 wearing either the XC20 or XC30 moniker – however, that could potentially be changed to EX20 or EX30. That same report suggested the model could be front-wheel drive only, while former Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson had stated it would ride on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture.

While there’s no guarantee that is the model being teased, it’s clear another electric crossover is on the horizon.

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