VW Cariad’s Software Issues Trigger Delay Of Porsche Macan EV


Porsche has confirmed that the all-electric Macan has been delayed until 2024 due to issues with its software.

The car manufacturer has acknowledged in the past that issues at Volkswagen’s Cariad software division have been hampering progress on bringing the Macan EV to life. Now, information from Porsche’s recent shares prospectus has revealed that the delay has been caused by issues in the E3 1.2 software platform that will be used by the Macan EV, as well as various other Audi EVs using the Premium Performance Electric (PPE) architecture. This could also delay the electric Boxster, Cayman, and Cayenne.

Autocar has revealed that Cariad is also working on the VW Group’s E3 2.0 software for the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) that will succeed the PPE architecture but meaning resources have been pulled from the E3 1.2 project.

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Porsche has not yet decided if it will use the E3 2.0 software stack in the future but plans to make a decision in the coming year. It has been insistent about not being tied to the VW Group’s future platform strategy and will lead development of a performance version platform dubbed SSP Sport, set to be used by the next-generation Panamera and Taycan models, in addition to a new electric SUV.

Porsche added in the prospectus that “the launch of the SSP Sport will not depend on other SSP platforms developed by the Volkswagen Group,” leading to speculation that it may adopt a different software strategy to the rest of the group.

Prototypes of the all-electric Porsche Macan started to hit the streets in early 2021 and the carmaker has previously confirmed that it will initially be sold alongside the combustion-powered version of the SUV. While limited technical details are known about it, we do know that it will be equipped with an 800-volt architecture.


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