VW Drops New Software Update For ID.4 Adding Auto Hold, Clearer Tech, Will Also Give Owners New 12V Battery


Volkswagen USA today announced that it is rolling out a new software update for the all-electric ID.4. With it, the crossover will get improved navigation features, auto hold, an updated UX, and, intriguingly, a new 12-volt battery.

With the first improvement, users will be able to better filter their search results when they need a charge. They will be able to select only for Electrify America charging stations, on which network they get three years of fast-charging included with their purchase. They can also search for stations based on charging speeds, regardless of provider.

Additionally, the ID.4 will now also get an “Auto Hold” function with this update. This feature allows a driver to let their foot off the brake pedal after they come to a complete stop without the vehicle creeping forward. To get going again, they simply have to press the accelerator pedal. Owners will be able to turn the feature on and off through the infotainment system.

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Speaking of which, Volkswagen also updated the digital instrument screen to provide the driver with more information on the road. The screen will now get a state of charge percentage figure added to the existing battery icon. The current drive mode (Eco, Comfort, Sport, Custom, or Traction) will also be shown on the screen, as will a trip computer that shows information about current driving data and the ambient temperature. In addition, some minor bugs have been fixed and digital security has been improved.

Curiously, as part of this update, Volkswagen says that it will reach out to owners of model year 2021 vehicles and ask them to return their ID.4 to a dealer, where a technician will replace their 12-volt battery. It does not, however, provide any information about why the battery needs replacing.

The automaker states that this “update is a prerequisite for future features,” and a spokesperson confirmed to Carscoops that the battery needs to be replaced to help ensure the proper installation of over-the-air updates in the future.

Indeed, Volkswagen says it plans to add the Plug & Charge to these vehicles in the future, which will allow drivers to simply rock up to a charging station, plug in, and then walk away, while all of the payment stuff will take care of itself.

“The ID.4 has been very successful for Volkswagen—both in bringing new customers into the brand and in introducing traditional ICE drivers to EVs,” said Andrew Savvas, Executive Vice President, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Volkswagen North American Region. “We’re excited to upgrade the software in MY21 and certain MY22 ID.4s to enhance the user experience.”


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