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VW Needs To Fix The Rearview Camera On Five ID.4 Models


Volkswagen has issued a recall for a handful of ID.4 models in the United States due to an issue with the rearview camera.

A recall notice from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals that the image provided by the rearview camera may be delayed and not meet the response time requirement of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 111, Rear Visibility. The German car manufacturer notes that a delayed rearview camera can reduce the driver’s view of what is behind and increase the risk of a crash.

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The car manufacturer first became aware of a potential issue in August 2022 when it was alerted to a potential deviation in the flash process at a U.S. port facility. An internal review discovered that some vehicles with incorrect software were not stopped in the port of Emden and were shipped to the U.S. The decision to issue a recall was made on October 5.

Fortunately for VW, the recall doesn’t impact all that many ID.4s. In fact, just five examples of the all-electric SUV have been recalled, all of which were manufactured between May 11, 2022 and June 28, 2022.

VW will resolve the issue by simply updating the vehicles with a new software to ensure the rearview camera is compliant with FMVSS 111.

Both dealers and owners will be notified of the recall on or before December 2, 2022.

This recall comes just a couple of months after a new entry-level ID.4 was launched in the United States. This model is known simply as the ID.4 Standard and features a 201 hp rear-mounted electric motor and a 62 kWh battery pack that should give the crossover a range of approximately 208 miles (335 km).


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