VW Partners With Canada’s Xanadu To Advance Battery Technology And Materials


The Volkswagen Group has partnered with Canadian quantum technology company Xanadu to establish a multiyear research program to improve the performance of quantum algorithms for simulating battery materials.

The program’s aim is to reduce computational costs and accelerate the German car manufacturer’s adoption of quantum computers that will allow it to develop battery materials that are safer, lighter, and more cost-effective.

“With its NEW AUTO strategy, Volkswagen enters new territory, especially when it comes to exploring opportunities along the battery value chain. Next-generation high-performance materials and electrochemical processes are key ingredients of this expedition,” head of Volkswagen Group Innovation Dr. Nikolai Ardey said. “Working together with cutting-edge companies like Xanadu is like hopping on a speed boat heading at the next big thing: Quantum Computing might trigger a revolution in material science and optimization, key competences to grow our inhouse battery expertise.”

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VW and Xanadu have been involved in multi-domain research over the last year in the fields of material science, computational chemistry, battery technologies, and quantum algorithms. The program will also investigate computational problems in materials discovery where quantum computing could have significant impacts. Furthermore, the partnership with Xanadu supports the car manufacturer’s goal of becoming a data and software-driven provider of sustainable mobility and their ambition to be leaders in battery development and quantum computing applications.

“Our partnership with Xanadu is a great example of Volkswagen’s commitment to leveraging innovative technologies like quantum computing to accelerate towards 100% electric mobility solutions, optimizing our processes wherever possible,” added Dr. Arne-Christian Voigt from Future Research at Volkswagen AG. “We are excited to push the boundaries of material simulation and build on top of the foundational research we have done so far with Xanadu’s quantum algorithms team.”


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