VW’s Upcoming Scout EVs Could Be Built By Foxconn Or Magna Steyr


Volkswagen is gearing up for the introduction-slash-revival of the Scout brand and predictably it is looking for partners. According to the latest reports from Germany, VW is in talks with Foxconn about manufacturing Scout EVs in the US.

Citing sources from within  VW, the German publication Automobilwoche reports that the two companies are currently in talks. A positive outcome would allow Foxconn to become an important player in the automotive industry and expand its activities.

The Taiwanese company better known as the manufacturer of the Apple iPhone, has revealed a bunch of EV concepts that are destined for production. Since September 2022, Foxconn is also producing the Lordstown Endurance pickup in the US, after buying the ex-GM plant in Ohio.

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Besides Foxconn, VW is also rumored to be in talks with Magna Steyr for joint development and production of the Scout EVs. The Austrian company which is owned by Canada-based Magna International Inc has aspirations of opening a new manufacturing facility in the US. This would allow Magna to relocate the production of EVs like the Fisker Ocean, from Gratz, Austria to the US, so that they comply with Biden’s “Made in America” EV legislation.

VW refused to comment on the aforementioned rumors but speaking to Automotive News, a VW spokesperson said: “We are very pleased with the progress the Scout team is making and with the enthusiasm it’s already generating among current fans and future customers”.


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