Wall clock, E-Bike Maker Oreva Group At Centre Of Morbi Bridge Collapse


Oreva Group, which manufactures wall clocks to electric two-wheelers, is under the scanner following the collapse of a suspension bridge in Morbi, Gujarat.

The Morbi-based company had won the contract to maintain the British-era bridge that snapped on Sunday, plunging at least 130 people to death in the Machchhu river.

While the company management was unreachable for comment, a group spokesperson had soon after the accident reportedly stated that the Morbi bridge collapsed as “too many people in the mid-section of the bridge were trying to sway it from one way to the other”.

The Morbi Municipality had in March this year awarded a contract to Oreva to maintain and manage the bridge, popularly called the “jhoolta pul”, over the Machchhu river. It reopened after repairs and renovations on Oct. 26, the Gujarati New Year Day.

It is alleged that the bridge was opened without a fitness certificate.

Founded by Odhavji Raghavji Patel nearly five decades back, Oreva Group manufactures wall clocks under the Ajanta and Orpat brands. Patel, who died earlier this month at the age of 88, was a school teacher before turning an entrepreneur at the age of 45 years in 1971.

With a turnover of nearly Rs 800 crore, Oreva Group now manufactures home and electrical appliances, electric lamps, calculators, ceramic products and e-bikes, according to its website. There is, however, no mention of its construction business.


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