Wanna Buy A Boat That Kinda Looks Like A 1990s Porsche?


Ah, the weird wonders that have been brought to us by Bring a Trailer. Normally the site of auctions for surprisingly low-mileage vehicles, the buyer of this vehicle actually won’t have to bring a trailer.

That’s because this auction is for a 1995 Craig Craft 168 Boss 16-foot (4.8-meter) power boat that actually comes with a single-axle Shore Land’r trailer. At first blush, then, this vehicle would seem to have no place on Bring a Trailer, being a boat, not a car, and having its own trailer.

The boat does, however, have strong connections to the world of terrestrial mobility. First and foremost, it looks like a Porsche. Thanks to the addition of headlights, taillights, side mirrors, badges, and fenders, the Craig Craft has been modified to look like it just floated over from Stuttgart.

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And it’s Porsche-like in more than one regard, because its engine is located at the back. The six-cylinder engine is neither flat, nor sourced from Germany, though. It is, instead, a 4.3-liter V6 from GM that was fitted as part of a service carried out in August 2021.

It’s hooked up to a Berkeley Jet Drive model 12JE that has a hydraulically-actuated reverse bucket. It’s said to have been operated for less than three hours since being installed, and the speedometer in the cockpit goes all the way to 80 mph (129 km/h).

That cockpit, meanwhile, comes with four bucket seats that are upholstered in yellow vinyl with black accents to match the exterior. Along the dashboard, meanwhile, Porsche lettering can be seen along with BOSS, the provider of the stereo.

Offered at no reserve, the boat is perfect for Porsche enthusiasts who really can’t stand the idea of driving anything without the badge or water skiers who are into something a little unusual. Check out Bring a Trailer for the full listing, plus more videos of the boat in action.


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